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5 tips on how to choose an agency for website development and not to be foul.
Part 1


Our agency often faces such a problem with the client: the company re-creates the site n-times, but it never yields results. The customer is disappointed, the belief in a reliable contractor is falling. And all because of the stage of choosing a company to develop sites, a number of mistakes were made. In this article, we will tell you how not to get into the loop of revisions and redesign of the site, and immediately find the same contractor.

Tip 1. Forget about freelancers

Yes, you can find on the market a queue of freelancers who will happily take up your task. Yes, they will offer you more democratic prices than the agency. Yes, you can run into lack of competence, breakdown of deadlines and the simple disappearance of a person with your money. Why take chances?

Tip 2. Choose a "white" agency

Make sure that the contractor has registered his company. If there are unpleasant situations (non-compliance deadlines, non-fulfillment of the work plan), you must have a pressure lever in the legal field. A good contractor will send you registration documents and propose to sign up a service agreement. Bad – will say that “our company in the process of clearance.”Important: pay attention to KVEDy company (classification of economic activities). The contractor must have the right to engage in the types of work that he sells.

Tip 3. Explore the site of the contractor

Checking the contractor for lice begins with the explore of his site. This is the litmus test of any developer. The site should be simple and functional. Namely: it must be adaptive to mobile devices, quickly loaded and with a user-friendly interface.

The rule “shoemaker without boots” does not work here.

Tip 4. Explore the portfolio

Roy Robson official

Each digital agency has its own specialization. See the agency projects. Pay attention not only to the attractiveness of the design, but its convenience and functionality: whether navigation is understandable, whether convenient buttons, whether it is easy to find the necessary elements. Do not hesitate to ask the agency about the tasks that faced them, what decisions they found, which they had to suffer. Ask to provide figures and results (of course, as part of the non-disclosure of trade secrets).

Tip 5. Play the Spy

Call the former. To the contractor’s customers, naturally. At this stage it is important to make sure that the contractor is not an impostor, and to find out whether the projects declared in the portfolio are in reality. And at the same time get insider information about the agency. Are they satisfied with the quality of the work done? Do they recommend it? What should I fear? Did they succeed in time? How was their relationship built after the project was handed over?

The former or current client is the best source of truthful information.

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