5 tips on how to choose an agency for website development and not to be foul.
Part 2


We continue to share with you tips on how to choose a reliable contractor to develop sites and not to screw up. The first 5 tips you can read here: https://rossery.com/en/blog/5-steps-to-find-agency/.

You have already learned all the ins and outs about the contractor: studied his site, portfolio and reviews of previous clients. You get tired of the company and are ready to communicate with them. What to do next?

Tip 1. Do not make a technical assignment yourself

The technical task is a very important stage, on which the product at the output depends. Therefore the price of error is great. If you do not have experience in writing TA, it should be a specialist on the side of the agency. In addition, it is first necessary to go through the stage of analysis and evaluation, and only then to compile and agree on TK.

Tip 2: Create a site concept

Write down the concept of the site. Identify the goals and objectives of the project within the team before calling the studio. In the process, they can be changed and adjusted. First, solve a simple task: why do you need a website? What does not suit you in the present?

Determine what exactly you are waiting for from the new site. If you want to increase sales, fix together with the agency figures and percentages. Need support – think about how you will measure the KPI of the task. Do you want to establish sales processes? In this case, consider and optimize all the nuances that affect the process, not just the site.

Tip 3. Analyze the old web site.

Web consulting is the basis of the whole project. A good contractor before developing a new site, should analyze the current one. Do analysis of competitors, benchmarking, develop a plan for promotion in the Internet and marketing audit. Avoid typical solutions in web consulting. Each business is unique and template solutions do not fit here. Remember that the site is just a tool to promote your business. The contractor is obliged to analyze not only your website, but also to study the business as a whole, to understand the processes and to feel the pains in order to offer a strategically correct integrated solution.

Tip 4. Choose companies that are engaged in the development and promotion of sites.

It is difficult to imagine at the initial stage how your site will look like after the release. The contractor must provide a comprehensive solution, so that later he can not push responsibility to another contractor. So, your site is ready. How to understand that it will work? Test it! It’s simple: start the targeted traffic, calculate the conversion, the approximate time for the return on investment and make conclusions. And it is very important that those who did the product do this.

Tip 5. Agree on everything on the shore.

Make a contract with the contractor. He must send you a model contract and attachments to it. Record the types of services, deadlines and payment process. Fix for yourself and for the contractor the criteria by which you will measure the effectiveness of its work.

All important points are fixed in correspondence by mail. Do not say anything by phone. Conscientious contractor before each meeting should send you adzhenda – a list of issues that need to be resolved. And after each personal meeting – to send you a contact-report, where he will list all arrangements.

Thus, all the important details will be on paper, and you will protect yourself in case the contractor does not fulfill its obligations.

Remember: a good contractor will never do so exactly as requested by the client. Because the client does not know how to achieve his goal. A good contractor will not consult with the customer what color to make the button. The contractor should advise and recommend, and the client should listen or not.

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