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Website design is not a panacea. Check-list of requirements for a good site


Recently a client came to us and asked to create “the best design of the site in his category”. Yes, the design should be modern and trendy, but this is not the main and far from the last criterion of the good site. In this article, we will tell you what requirements a modern site must meet to not only surprise the aesthetic views of competitors, but also sell your product.


Mobile-first is the first word of all web developers. Traffic from mobile devices increasingly moves traffic from desktops. The number of purchases on the Internet from smartphones is growing. If you want to be always in the user’s access zone and do not lose sales, immediately make an adaptive design.

Page loading speed

The speed of downloading the site directly affects the user experience. That, in turn, affects the user’s desire to buy or not buy a product on your site. Here every millisecond counts. Modern users are completely intolerant to heavy slow sites.

If you do not want to lose the user in 2 seconds, your site should load quickly and do not brake. Plus, the download speed affects the cost of advertising for you.

Check the speed you can using the service from Google.


Is it easy to find your site through search engines? SEO-optimization helps to find your site through the Internet. Define your target audience and select keywords – queries for which the user can find your site. Do not forget about the content. This is an important part of optimization. High-quality content is ranked higher by search engines. It should be unique and useful, and, more importantly, meet the user’s requests.

Website architecture

The architecture of the site should be simple and understandable. The user must intuitively understand the logic of navigation, do not get lost in the pages, know how to return to the main page and find contacts. To do this, you must create a site map manually or using the Slickplan tool.

User-friendly design

And of course, the design of the site plays an important role. Design – in the first place, not about beauty, but about functionality. The design of a useful website begins with the definition of goals and the formulation of the task.

It should be user-friendly and solve business problems – to attract new customers.

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