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How to sell premium products


How to build a digital strategy, if you sell premium products? Working with brands from this segment is difficult, but possible. The main thing is to know the peculiarities of the brand, correctly identify customer and build a bridge between value of the product and customer needs.

In this article, we will tell you about main thing should be paid attention to, while you promoting luxury brand.

Build love to the brand

The way to the heart of the consumer of the premium segment is difficult and thorny. But if you got it, be sure that it’s for a long time. If the audience from the premium segment has chosen a brand, it trusts it completely. Here, loyalty to the product is very high, but the price of mistake is high. Therefore, you should direct your efforts to build loyalty to the brand. Everyone remembers which lines are being built in America before the release of the new iPhone?

Waiting for fresh new iPhone

Service - is everything

Always give more than people expected. Do you sell expensive shoes? Organize free delivery at home with the ability to measure several models in different sizes. Promote innovative gadgets – offer service support for a specific time or consultation 24/7. Sell technological design houses – offer a full-house cleaning service for the house and territory.
For example, the service rental dresses Oh My Look turn the choice of dress in a real bachelorette with champagne and balls. If you do not have time to pick up a dress – they are ready to take him anywhere. Also, do not worry about the stains, because the cost of the dress already includes dry cleaning.
You should always be at the point of origin of the customer’s need. Sell not just a product, but a solution to a problem.

Oh My Look

Sell stories

In the 21st century, no one buys just a commodity, they buy the story behind it. And the emotion that the brand gives from owning it. You are not offered a car, you are offered a status, freedom, power. You do not sell the phone, you sell the trend and limitless possibilities. Even the ordinary dress has ceased to be a thing in itself. Now it is self-expression and solid sex.
For example, Red Bull built their positioning on extreme sports and adrenaline. And create events, where it’s a sin not to drink Red Bull with friends.
And Martini speaks not so much about alcohol, as about warm gatherings with friends. And with glasses Martini

Red Bull Formula 1

You are not a mass market

The product of the premium segment by each element should literally scream to the consumer that it is not a mass market. First, quality. Of course, you can sell the product in a beautiful package, but with poor content. But do not wait for a second purchase. And in the premium segment it is very important to firmly take root in the repertoire of the products of the audience.

Secondly, packing. Minimalism win in this regard. Pay attention to what the cosmetics of the mass market looks like, and how the products of the premium segment look. Less text, more air. To do this, you can contact the agency to develop a corporate identity.

Thirdly, the communication channels are also different. The audience of the mass-market reads completely different media, goes completely to other places, spends money quite differently. Find them.

Remember that working in the premium segment is very beneficial because of the high margin of the product. But the rules of the game here are completely different and you should remember it. Build a close relationship with the client, be faithful to the positioning and always give more than you expect.

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