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June 2020

The website for dental clinic doesn't looks like something special. But 65 Broadway Dental website was very interesting for us.


The main interesting factor is the clinic location. It is located in the downtown of New York City – Manhattan. We understood that we needed to create a website for a completely other audience.

The most important question is where to start?

We started from immersion. We opened google maps and went for a walk along Broadway: we discussed near based Friday’s and remembered our personal experience of visiting the USA. We have collected all information which we know about this country.

Our next step was reading customer reviews on sites google, yelp, zocdoc etc. We tried to find questions in which our website will be helpful. This method helped us to determine the accent blocks for the site.

Where it got us:

  • The advantage of this clinic. What is the difference from five other clinics around?

    There are number of very narrow specializations in this clinic. Not a large percentage of the city’s clinics can boast of some procedures. This is because the clinic uses the most modern equipment in its work (LANAP, CT and the like)
  • The level of trust. How does reviews affect new clients?

    When we communicated with our client we found that their patients watch and write reviews everywhere. They are monitoring new reviews and can even write to each other, clarifying certain details.
  • Service provision. How is the process going?

    Most of the patients in the clinic have health insurance. Therefore, the client chooses a convenient location close to home or work, a doctor and a service. In the process of registering a patient with a doctor, the clinic asks to fill in the necessary “patient forms”.

That’s why, when you open the website, on the first screen, we suggested focusing on unique services. Providing the ability to add both photos and short videos. We also made the integration of the latest reviews from Google to the site page. And you will not find prices on this website.

  • First screen prototype

  • Reviews block prototype

Design for dental clinic website on Broadway. Sounds cool?

Manhattan – the heart of New York City. The clinic uses the most modern equipment for dental and beauty services. All these facts speak about the luxury class of the business. In our country, this is adopted to emphasize this. But not in the USA and not in this case.

We don’t need a pretentious design. Here (in the USA) it may be considered bad form. We need a classic dental clinic website. If our patients can send us a request it is great.

After that we started our research again. In this case, according to the list of competitors. We found simple template websites but most of them were very difficult to understand. This confusion consisted in large volumes of unstructured text information, and in a choice of colors. But it has given us an understanding that future users do not like bright design, and appreciate the clarity and conciseness in the site.

Corporate identity creation

The devil is in the details. Such as the font, color, icons, logo … When we were preparing the design concept, we wanted to put only positive emotions, because dentists for many of us evoke not the most pleasant feelings and memories.


In our opinion, the design concept is an important part of a project when we create a website. Our client knows what to expect from the development process. Website development is far from a quick process. Even the website of the dental clinic, from concept to filing and preparation for launch, took about 5 months.

Behind of beautiful design

The website’s design will be worthless without quality development. The clinic’s website was developed in modern web programming languages, equipped with a fast and convenient admin panel created in React JS and NODE JS. Have tested on all devices and browsers before launch. We pay special attention to adaptation for mobile devices.

Another important point is a constructor which was created to fill the blog on site in the admin panel. Thus, the articles on the website do not look similar and lead to a large percentage of involvement.

Constructor is a set of standard blocks prepared in design and implemented by developers that can be placed in any order.

Visit the clinic website


The clinic’s website has turned out to be restrained, but at the same time stylish and modern. The audience appreciated it, the client was satisfied and we saw positive results from the first day. Our task is to make the best product that exceeds the client’s expectations and, of course, to make it easier for website’s management. After launching, we give each of our clients a site management instruction (Manual), so that site administrator or content manager would understand how to manage it.


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