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June, 2020

Our concepts for projects, ideas and just inspiration

Concept for Riviera Village

The main rival of Riviera Village is the city. That’s why we aren’t talking about beautiful houses. In this concept we are talking about nature, about feelings which you gain.
The main language of Riviera Village is emotion. And we tried to convey this emotion through the site.


Concept for Egoist Residence

Egoist is a challange not for everyone. Exceptional approach to every detail – both from the visual and technical side. Courageous solutions for brave people. This is our vision for a premium residential complex.


Fast solutions for comfort class residential complexes


Concept for flooring manufacturer Legar

Legar – is the luxury representation in parquet. For this project we needed to conduct an investigation in focus group of interior designers. We collected all their comments (and at the same time became specialists in the flooring & # 128513;), and here is what we got.

The first screen shows the comparison of the texture of the parquet with its implementation in design solutions. Have provided separated page for designers. And of course, have attended the necessary attention to the details of design and animation.


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