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April, 2017


Eastern medicine and Beauty-industry is based on the use of predominantly herbal components in the formulations of medicines and cosmetics.
While there is a huge amount of cosmetics with chemical additives on our market, the OKS ART team seeks to offer people exclusively natural products.

Being official representatives of DAENG GI MEO RI products, the company presents its products in beauty salons, as well as in its own retail outlets.

When people really care about the health of the nation and the individual, it is at least noble and always encourages society.

Our task was to convey the value of DAENG GI MEO RI products and do it the best way.


The website is designed primarily for dealers, thanks to which the products brings to the final customer.
On this, in addition to information on products, the website presents all types of promotional products, a section with frequently asked questions, as well as terms for cooperation.


But for those who still moved to the site with the goal of buying something personally for themselves, there is an opportunity to find the nearest store on the map.


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