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Olga Godynina


  • Art Direction
  • Web Design & Development


June, 2017


Luxury real estate business primarily implies your high status, your acquaintances and your opportunities. This is – aerobatics.

This sale is for the most well-off people, and they require the appropriate standards.
The task is to show full compliance in all details.
This is how we saw the company Olga Godynina.

During the development of this product, we more than ever saw the most likely future in the development of real estate in the capital. What and when will be. What quality. And what is worth paying attention to.
That’s why “Potential” – formed the basis of the strategy!



After all, the ability to see potential distinguishes this category of people. Determine the best, cut off unnecessary and concentrate on the main thing.
On the other hand, buying this kind determines the potential of your future life, the potential of your investments, the future of your children.
In practice, this showed more than the “desired result”.


The maximum emphasis on the apartment and nothing superfluous.
A simple application form and only the necessary information in the description. Briefly and in fact.
These were the main recommendations in the development of design.

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