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August, 2019

The unique architectural concept of the first in Ukraine club eco-complex PARK LAKE CITY, which perfectly combines with the natural environment, inspired us to create a laconic website design with elements of “waves”.
The houses of the residential complex are located around the lake, where future residents will enjoy their time. For emphasis on certain blocks, headings and elements of site, we used identity elements and animated some of them.

Club-Residential Complex (Business class)

For quick, understandable and convenient acquaintance of site visitors with the key advantages of PARK LAKE CITY, the main page briefly displays information about its USP, which allows the target audience to identify priority characteristics for themselves and positively affect their further purchase decision.


Animated interface elements engage users for further interaction with the site. With them, it is intuitively clear where to click to go to other sections of the site and get more useful information about PARK LAKE CITY.


Elements with the most important content are fixed and accompany the user on all pages of the site. In the case of PARK LAKE CITY, this is a logo, buttons for switching to broadcasting video from web cameras, changing the language and switching to profiles on social networks.


Page blocks has unique URL

Each page block has its own unique URL. Thanks to this solution, advertising banners and creatives can be conducted not only on a specific page of the site, but also on the screen of a separate page, which is necessary for the purposes of the advertising campaign. As a result, PARK LAKE CITY advertising results have improved significantly.


The administrative panel of the PARK LAKE CITY website was developed by us on the basis of Framework YII2. It is worth noting that we are constantly developing the platform and introducing new functions for all previously implemented projects.

PARK LAKE CITY team can easily independently add news and make changes to the site, being directly on the site.
It is also important that the material in the news section and in the description of the construction progress is easy to submit according to the structure you need: with images, video, an active button to send an application or go to another page. You add each of the blocks yourself and are free to choose their number and order.


In order to process all requests, applications from the PARK LAKE CITY website are sent to the mail, to the CRM-system and to the section of the “Applications” in administrative panel. Each channel has data necessary for work and analysis about a potential investor, as well as the source from where he went to the site. The system is very convenient for developers, because communication between sales departments, call-center and marketing department is greatly simplified.

We optimized the PARK LAKE CITY website for search engines, followed all the requirements of Google and created the main meta tags. Thanks to this, advertising costs were reduced due to a decrease in its cost.

There are no ideals, and any product can always be improved and should be improved.
That is what we are doing, not stopping at what has been achieved in the framework of the project. So, after the release of the site and the launch of advertising campaigns in the digital space, we begin collecting data on user behavior. After in-depth analysis, we make a list of changes to make a web site more effective. PARK LAKE CITY is no exception.

As a result of work on the PARK LAKE CITY website, we ensured a constant flow of high-quality traffic, without loss of applications, with a convenient administrative panel, clear and efficient site structure. Finding new future residents of the residential complex has become much easier.

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