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November, 2017

Goods by Roy Robson embodies an authentic style. It emphasizes the identity of the consumer and conveys a self-evident ease.

The Goal

In addition, the authenticity determines the entrepreneurial activity of the enterprise. Reliability in business, honesty in dealing with partners and our goal is to ensure high-quality work at all levels.

The retail network was not available for everyone who wanted to buy a suit from RR.
Our task was to fix this and at the same time to remind what quality is the age-old traditions and standards.
If this is the highest class, then everything should testify to this. The atmosphere, the manners of employees and even a pen in the hands of the seller.

True beauty

Aged and elegant. This is how we saw the brand Roy Robson and these qualities formed the basis of the site.

At the same time, it is important not to forget about the usability. In this case we have developed some simple, at first glance, but very convenient and unusual fitch.
Let us analyze some of them.

An important element of the online store is a filter. We did it with Ajax, that is, without rebooting and additional keys of the type: apply”. Everything instantly appears as soon as you have defined the main search criteria.


Sometimes, you find an interesting look, where you like literally everything and start looking for each element separately. Familiar?

Not very convenient.

On this site you have the opportunity to literally disassemble the look you liked on the shelves.


In this case, the site is a boutique on the Internet. It must comply with the highest standards and values of the brand.

From the first days of the site existed, it showed an excellent sales result.
We accepted the challenge and coped with the task. I think Bruno Kirches would have been pleased with the result.

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