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Making things usefull

Our profile is web development, UI UX design and identity. We believe in reasoned design: our decisions are always based on facts, research and our experience. 


  • Web development

    We will develop a website that will solve your business problem and be liked by users

  • Brand identity

    We will create a visual style that will show your product’s individuality

  • Rossery CMS

    We will connect a convenient and understandable admin panel that we have developed ourselves

  • Server

    We will store your website on the fastest and most reliable server

  • Monthly support

    We will complete any tasks at a reduced price if you buy our time in advance

Our mission

We help companies that benefit society

20+ sites

for the real estate market

Our forte is real estate websites. We understand this market well from the inside and offer solutions based on our experience.

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We work consistently

  • Research

    Studying product features and audience needs

  • Strategy

    Thinking out the best way to show the product to the world

  • Design

    Visualizing ideas

  • Development

    Creating a convenient and fast website using Hi-tech - Node.js and React.js

We use technologies for complicated projects

We develop sites on React.js and Node.js. These technologies allow the site to withstand heavy loads, have the highest level of protection and the best performance. Therefore, they are suitable for high-traffic businesses - such as real estate.

  • Node.js


  • React.js


  • Next.js


Shared dream and success

  • Konstantin Karchinskiy


  • Nazar

    Full stack developer 🚀