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How do we work?

And we are driven to select creative solutions for each client.

In this article we will tell you what stages each of our projects goes through.


After meeting the client, we send a brief. This is the backbone of the work, which depends on how the ship will sail. From the brief we learn how the client sees the project: what business goals and objectives he sets, who is his target audience, what channels he wants to develop, what type of site is needed and more. There were situations when a client came with a request to the site, but in the process it became clear that he had enough landing page, and you need to focus on social networks. Or vice versa.


After that, the team studies the communication of the brand on the Internet: the site, social networks and more. We form additional questions and come to the debriefing with our vision of the task.

Here we ask clarifying questions to the client, finalize the vision of the project and form a commercial offer. If everyone agrees - we sign the contract and forward.


After that, the team goes into an in-depth study of the client: we study his site, analyze competitive developments, do marketing audits and benchmarking. Based on the results of the study, we propose an online business development strategy in several variants. The customer can buy only the idea or the idea and implementation of the product.

After the strategic part, we determine with the client the channels of promotion and begins to develop the architecture of the site.


Prototyping is divided into two parts: site architecture and layout design.

Our UX-designer prescribes logic. The architecture of the site is similar to a structured story: you consistently unfold events so that the reader is not confused about what is happening. The main criteria are clarity and convenience.

Then the designer comes to work. He draws the layout of the site in several versions and we get ready-made concepts.


After approval of the design, the project passes into the hands of developers. At this stage, the team creates a visible part of the site. Then binds it to the site engine.


Testing the site is one of the most important stages. We gather a focus group and offer to perform certain actions, depending on the objectives and goals of the project. We draw conclusions, fix bugs, re-test.

Transfer of access rights

The project is ready! Everything seemed to have passed and forgotten. But we are worry about our products and after delivery. Therefore, the package of services in the development of the site already includes a month of free promotion.

We run targeted traffic, calculate the cost of conversions and the timing of investment. We run advertising and test. This way, you will always be sure that your website is working and you have not bought a cat in a bag.

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