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Site recipe for a residential complex: important ingredients and a pleasant aftertaste

Let's understand why today the site for LCD has become one of the most important resources for lidogeneratsii. And, of course, let's talk about convenience, common mistakes and site development after implementation.

Content and information content of the site

In our understanding, the content of the site must meet the criteria of RDB - Resonance, Differentiation, Belief.

1. Resonance - understanding the product, its properties and characteristics. This point answers a very important question: “What exactly do we offer? Why is this necessary? How will this help the client? »

2. Differentiation - a unique trade offer. This item reflects the main differences between your LCD and competitors and answers the question: "Why should a customer choose our living complex?"

3. Belief - confirmation of our words. At this point, we prove the statement of facts and characteristics of the residential complex. We answer the question: "Why did we achieve such a result? What facts support our allegations? »

Content is not only huge canvases of text, but also visualizations of its meanings: illustrations, infographics, photos, videos and 3D visualizations. Simplify the information to make it easier to understand - it makes no sense to pour on the user complex technical terms that prove your effectiveness. Speak in meaning - clearly and without water.

Website development and promotion

The site of the residential complex must be constantly updated and supplemented with information on the progress of construction - promotions, events, news and any other important information. Up-to-date information can be your trump card in the game with competitors.

Also do not forget about the site content management system - CMS. Its convenience and competent configuration will help to simplify the filling of the site with content and reduce the cost of maintaining and promoting the site.

We have developed our own CMS specifically for LCD sites, it helps to avoid many inconveniences that are in similar systems.

So, what in the end?

1. The site of your LCD - the main point of contact with the client. It is worth working on, because it is he who turns advertising traffic into real applications. The site should be convenient and attractive, both on mobile and PC.

2. Your site can relieve anxiety and answer all the main questions of a potential client: where is the complex, how much are the apartments, how to buy, when completed, whether there are shops, kindergartens and more. Each question requires a separate page or a corresponding block on the site.

3. You have every opportunity to create in the mind of the buyer a perfect picture of the future life. So do not be afraid to use visualizations - the brighter and more realistic the image, the more willing people are to care about your proposal.

4. LCD site is a long-term project, so do not forget that after its release you will need to update and update it. And a good CMS system can help with this, it will be easier to manage information and synchronize the database of apartments.

5. And last but not least, always think about your audience. Offer what she is looking for. Tell the stories she wants to hear. And be honest - in the long run it pays off in full.

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